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The “Occupational Profile” (OP) of an Interior Designer. This Occupational Profile, which was developed by Interior Designers practicing in the world of work mirrors the duties, and tasks Interior Designers are expected to perform in the world of work.



Occupational Profile for INTERIOR DESIGNER
1.1 The OCCUPATIONAL PROFILE (OP) for “Interior Designer” below defines the Duties and Tasks a competent Interior designer is expected to perform in the world of work (on the job) in Uganda and the East African region today.
1.2 Since it reflects the skill requirements of work life, the Occupational Profile is the reference document for the subsequent development of training modules and assessment instruments (test items) which are directly relevant to employment in Ugandan and the East African businesses and industries.
1.3 To ensure that the Occupational Profile is relevant for employment in Uganda and East Africa, the DIT used the method of “occupational/job profiling