The Assessment and Standards Committee

The Terms of Reference (TORS) of  The Assessment and Standards Committee

  • Consider, review and recommend appropriate regulations and guidelines for the production of the Assessment and Training Packages (ATPs), apprenticeship schemes, the issuance of DIT awards for the approval of the ITC.
  • Contribute to the advocacy for regular labour market scans leading to strategies for stronger linkages with stakeholders for their sustainable collaboration with support of the Directorate of Industrial Training.
  • Provide guidance for occupational research and promotion of on-the job training in industry for apprenticeship, traineeship, indenture training and further skills training or upgrading.
  • Consider, review and recommend strategies and policies for the registration and accreditation of BTVET institutions or firms/companies/enterprises as assessment centers and maintain an up-to-date register.
  • Consider, review and recommend strategies for registration and accreditation of assessors, facilitators and Test Item Developers.
  • Provide guidance, recommend, develop regulations and standards on appropriate and proper conduct of all DIT assessments and schemes and ensure that disadvantaged groups of persons are properly catered for.
  • Recommend the phasing out of BTVET examinations conducted by any other examining bodies for approval of the ITC and the Minister.
  • Recommend the form of certificates and diplomas to be awarded by DIT and other examination boards established under the BTVET Act, 2008 for approval of the Minister through the ITC to ensure, in addition, recognition of skills acquired from the non-formal, non-public and formal enterprises.
  • Review, recommend and set guidelines for management of offences and penalties on DIT assessments, standards and awards.
  • Receive and consider quarterly and annual reports to cover assessment and standards performance of the DIT.
  • Monitor, evaluate and recommend on the establishment, expansion and application of the UVQF through stronger public-private and other regional/international partnerships.
  • Recommend any other interventions that promote the growth, development and good standing of the DIT.