Results: 2015 UVQF Levels (I, II, III) & Modular Assessment

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Dear Principals, please be informed that the 2015 UVQF Levels; I, II, III & Modular Assessment results shall be officially released on Tuesday 10th May 2016 at UMA conference hall. You can thereafter pick your results from DIT.


  1. how much is level 3 auto electrical tuition
    because I what to study vocational instructor teacher specliced in auto electrical
    need you reply ples

  2. Hullo DIT,I hold a higher diploma electrical.Need to do DIT Level 3 Electrical and DIT level 3 solar.Help me shade some light on the scope of work and the respective content in each.Regards.Gerald

  3. dit,when are u releasing our 2016 certificates??

    • Dear Joseph,
      The 2016 Certificates are now ready. please check with your institution.

      • I just want to see my results I sat in 2016

  4. I did my grade3 trade test welder(electric) and motorvehicle mechanic the year 2006 at st joseph the artisan youth polytechnic in isiolo i lost my certificates plz help me to have another certificate my number is 0725422028

    • Dear Hassan,
      You need to write officially to DIT and also indicate your particulars.

  5. hullo dit,when are releasing our 2016 certificates

    • Dear Joseph, the 2016 certificates were all printed. Please check with your Institution because we deal with heads of institutions.

  6. Results 2017 dit I sat for in leaval 111.

    • We are finalizing the program for the official release of the 2017 assessment results to the public. This is going to be done in less than a week.

  7. I wants to know 2017 results for dit exam’s

    • Dit 2017@ uvqf leaval iii.depoloma

    • Dear Simon,
      The marking exercise was finalized in December, they are being analyzed; then we shall contact the Minister to officially release them to the public, hopefully early February.

    • Dear Simon,
      We are finalizing the program for the official release of the 2017 assessment results to the public. This is going to be done in less than a week.

  8. I sat for dit exams last year and i was given a different paped from others and when i complained they said they r going to sort out ma issue but when rssults came back i had an x on my results so i dont know what to do.

  9. is their level 3and deploma level in AUT electric

    • Dear Charles, yes there is level III

  10. results UVQF/486/16/005

  11. Dear DIT, I Have A Certificate In Computer Science, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Degree In Divinity. Is It Possible To Be Assesed Under UVQF

  12. Hello there,trust you are doing well,kindly update me when DIT Trade test certificate 2014 are out.

    Thank you.

  13. i want to know my results 2015

    • Dear Dennis, we don’t give results to individual students. Contact your principal to know how you performed.

  14. please i need to know my results UVQF/324/10/15/014

    • Dear Thomas, we are not authorized to reveal to you your performance. Please find out the details of your results from your Principal/Center.

      • Does dit award burseries to well performing students

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