UVQF Level I & II Assessment Time-Table Oct/Nov 2016

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UVQF Level I & II Assessment Time-Table Oct/Nov 2016

:: UVQF Level II Competence Based Assessment (CBA):
Knowledge Assessment (Theory) from 14th – 21st October 2016


:: UVQF Level II Competence Based Assessment (CBA):
Performance Test (Practical) from 14th – 21st October 2016


:: UVQF Level I Competence Based Assessment (CBA):
Knowledge Assessment (Theory) 4th – 11th November 2016


:: UVQF Level I Competence Based Assessment (CBA):
Performance Test (Practical) from 4th – 11th November 2016


  1. I studied a two years diploma in computer in namasuba college of commerce but i didnt do external exams from dit which level should i register for and can i still register for this year

  2. which university can I join after passing my dit exams in painting and decoration and which course I’m I likely to do

  3. I sat for UVQF Level I in 2015, can i come and register as individual for level II from DIT Center?

    • Dear James, DIT does not register individual candidates. However, you can come over and we advise you on what you need to do.

  4. is it possible for Someone who has dropped out in S.3 to progress with DIT assessment up to University level? if so what are the procedures/steps

    • Dear Agnes,
      The Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework, provides for progression along your occupational line. The DIT Certificate enables you to advance from the least level of competence to the highest level of professionalism within your occupational line but not academic progression.

      • so me I’m done with mine in painting and decoration I’m I able to upgrade?

  5. Greetings, May inquire about the duration for each of the particular levels as indicated on your UVQF document. For computer Applications that it extend up to level IV? What are the requirements for an NGO or Company limited by guarantee to get accredited?

    • Dear Godfrey,
      Please come and pick a form from DIT, fill in the particulars of your Company then we shall follow up with an inspection visit for possible accreditation as a DIT accredited assessment centre

  6. hey i have an institution and i would like to register with you so as to get
    a centre advise on the procedures

    • Dear Lauben,
      Please come to DIT and pick an application Form which you shall fill and return; then we shall follow it up with an inspection visit to your institution for possible accreditation as a DIT assessment Center.

  7. training fund for non formal (may-august)2015 and 2017 trainig fund (jan-apr)

  8. Which requirements should I prepare for my practicals in tailoring

    • Dear Alice,please come to DIT for the cutting list. You can also get it from our website.

      • Dear DIT am kindly requesting you to send me a cutting list on my E-mail sewaluronald@gmail.com,becouse the one on your website failed to open ,I will be so happy seeing your reply

  9. Dear DIT,

    We were encouraged to sit our students for Computer Repair & Maintenance (CRM) which upon registration of our Candidates was referred to as “Computer Technician’ Certificate”. We duly paid for 6 Candidates to assessed in the upcoming Assessment Period.

    I have duly analyzed the timetable but there is no provision for Computer Technician’s Assessment.

    I humbly request for intervention as even pinning the released timetable with a section of the candidates missing may turn out to be chaotic.

    Kind regards,

    Lutaaya Ronald

    • Dear Ronald, we have had an engagement with you at our office this morning. I hope you are satisfied with the outcome.

  10. Dear Aloysious, Please Come to DIT to sort out the Issue, you may need to provide us with information on when when you were Assessed and from where.

  11. Please DIT can I really accesses my certificate for level three I passed will in the assessments conducted at the beginning of this year

    Now I wish to join the university but time is running out I really don’t know what to do. Thanks

    • Dear Aloysious,
      Kindly come to come to our office and be helped.

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