UVQF Level I & II Results 2013

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Release of details of UVQF Level I & II Results 2013


  1. Hello dit. Pliz can you email me the samples of past question papers of electrical installation level 2

  2. Can you pliz email me samples of dit level 2 past papers.
    Mostly 2017

  3. Hello dit, can you email me the teaching guide for none informal students in electrical installation, automotive mechanics, plumbing, wood work technology and building construction.

    Many thanks


    • Hello dit members Cal u help me with electrical installation past papers level 1/2 2018

  4. Are the certificates of 2016 DIT LEVEL 11 ready?

  5. Hello DIT official.I have registered for DIT assessment level II exams for diploma.I am requesting for some past papers on my email so that they can guide me on how to read and research where possible.
    I shall be grateful if my request is put into consideration.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Matovu Joseph

  6. Dear dit I request you kindly to mail to me past papers of dit coz am registered it this year and I must do it

  7. i would like to know my results.
    Finish year: 2009
    Institute: Nakawa VTI
    Course: Electronics

  8. Can u provide me with pastpaers of previous years

  9. Dear DIT,
    none formal assessment of 2012 under Uganda northern youth program have not reached arua technical institute without clear clarification from office. help.

  10. am asking when are the results of 2014 out

    • Dear Dennis, The 2014 results were released early this year. You can come at DIT and get the Results for your center

  11. Hi can i know the certificates for 2013 and 2014 level 1 if they are out. Fortportal Institute of Commerce Tourism and Hotel Management.

    • Dear Florence, the results were released a long time ago. Please come to DIT and pick for your Center from the Assessment & Certification Department.

  12. could you please email me for the time table for carpenter level 1 for 2015

  13. I request to see the examination questions for 2014

  14. I would like to know whether the transcripts for DIT level III available (october 2013)

    • Dear Mugisha, the Transcripts are available.

  15. I would like to undergo cellular phone repair course is it there or not and if its there how long will it take me to complete, how much money, and do i qualify given the fact that i have international ICT certificate from Diamond ICT training centre, ICT instructor training certification, certificate in information technology, diploma in records and information management from imsat-detac institute of management in soroti, UACE.

    please guide me.

  16. when are originelle certficates 4 2013 results out be’z we lossing all our locks pliz.

  17. we are too much affected by the long time taken to relise the originelle certificates

  18. I would like to get a competence certificate from DIT, I have a Diploma in Business Education from Kyambogo University, and 10 years experience in teaching and office work but currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Information science and secretarial studies(year II)
    Most employers don’t recognize my papers because am a teacher not an office administrator! Can i apply for a competence based certificate as an office administrator?

  19. can you please email for me dit past paper [2013] technology tailoring

  20. can i pliz know the results of Nserester vocational school nyendo -masaka

    • Dear Winfred,

      The results are normally issued to Principals. Please get details with your Vocational School.

  21. am fooled by my vocational institutes about the certificates but please let me know if the certificate are yet out for 2013 Electrical installation level ii. Nserester Vocational Secondary School

    • Dear Jesse,
      The results for 2013 were released. including Electrical Installation.

  22. can u plz email 4 me the results of jinja vocational training institute for 2013

    • Dear Levi, it is not possible to email you the results. They are normally given to Principals or Heads of Institutions. Results are issued at our office and one has to sign with us to acknowledge receipt.

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